As Likely As Not в Ставрополе

Опубликовано 2012-05-09 в рубрике Афиша Ставрополя

As Likely As Not в Ставрополе

As Likely As Not

Melodic Modern Death Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore


Среда 9 мая

KirClub, г.Ставрополь, сбор гостей с 19.00

Билеты: 250/300/350
в рок-магазине ММ
адрес: г.Ставрополь, пл. 200-летия, Телемир, 0-этаж, по лестнице вниз и направо
тел.: (8652) 562227
время работы: с 10.00 до 19.00

Born in 2009 As Likely As Not grew fast in extreme music, following their natural roots in hardcore and thrash-death metal underground. In 2010 they start recording the first full lenght album mix and mastered in Sweden by Pelle Seather and Goran Finnberg.
With lots of gigs and festival the band became very popular in the underground and they were contacted from the “The Execution Kollektive” label through Eye Carver management. The 28th march «Stand Up and Nerve» came out in shops and iTunes store, with a promotional video of the song “My Last Confession”.

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